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50 mm Lever Arch File A4 Recyclable Kraft Brown
A4 Size Mesh Zipper Bag, Red, Dark Green, Gray
50 mm Lever Arch File A4 Recyclable Polypropylene
50 mm Lever Arch File A4 Recyclable Kraft Brown



About Us

Established on August 10, 1963, STRONG ® has been a global folder and stationary products manufacturing company for over 50 years. With the advanced equipment, first-class talent, and being ISO 9001:2015 certified, we deliver fully integrated and customized products to our customers.

STRONG ® products include: Lever Arch Files, Pipe Files, Ring/D Ring Files, Computer Folders, Archives Folders, Light Weight Folders, Notebook Files, Teaching Office & School Supplies, and Storage Bags.

Progressive global development of products and environmental trends, Taiwan government vigorously promote environmental friendly products and green consumption concepts. STRONG ® being an environmental friend company, recognized that we must have a good physical and sustainable business philosophy, in order to respond to waves of global environmental awareness challenges.

Our company maintains the principles of ‘Low pollution, Low resources use, Easy to fold, and Recyclable’. We are proud to set standards for other manufacturers. Our R&D has developed various environmental files that qualified under Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), also known as the [Green Marks].

STRONG ® has developed and produced cover and mechanism that can easily dismantable from files for recycle use. For which it qualified under Taiwan’s Second category of environmental friendly products. Due to the high cost of green consumption and public knowledge awareness gap, our newly developed green products are export to Japan, U.S.A. and Europe ahead of domestic markets.

STRONG ® is proud to promote and develop new environmental friendly products, take root and enhance the image of our products. That helps the industry and Taiwan into the New Green Era.